Database woes

So, yesterday I finished printing out and bookmarking numerous New York Times articles mentioning Oaxaca during 2006. Today, I started on the Washington Post. So far, digging through the archives of this paper has confirmed what I suspected: the databases turn up different results.

I first tried an EBSCOhost search of the Post for “Oaxaca” between May 1, 2006 and January 1, 2007. Only three results appeared: one on 7/30/2006, one on 11/1/2006, and one on 1/4/2006. Then, I tried a ProQuest search for the same. Suddenly I have 15 results. Not all of the articles pertain to the conflict, but the news coverage is certainly more flushed out. Of course, now I’m feeling anxious about missing some key article due to an incomplete online database.

It seems I’m off to the microform and print holdings in the library, but the IC Website seems to indicate that the holdings may be even more limited.

Still, I’ve already found that the Post offers some interesting articles unlike the ones I’ve found in the Times:

“In Mexico’s ‘Misery Belt,’ an Annual Strike Becomes Much More” (7/30/2006) – describes poor teaching conditions in rural Oaxaca, the power (and corruption) of the teacher’s union, the peacefulness of past strikes, voices of protesters and local businessmen.

“After an American dies, the case against his killers is mired in Mexican justice” (12/11/2006) – Bradley Will’s family claim his killers were aligned with the Mexican government, but the government lets the suspects go saying there is insufficient evidence. Mexican government also maintains that the protesters are to blame. First introduction I’ve seen to the debate over the source of violence.

I haven’t been seeing many numbers of people affected–by arrests, wounds, death, etc.–so I checked the Amnesty International website. A search for “Oaxaca” led me to a list of Amnesty blogs, written by staff members and volunteers.  The Individuals at Risk blog reports that over the course of the conflict, 349 people were arrested, and many remain in custody without charge.


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