Oaxaca Poem, just for kicks

So, on the final day of the Witness for Peace conference, we spent the afternoon processing our experience and planning future projects. One of the processing activities was to have us shout out–popcorn-style–sights, sounds, smells or sensations from our week. Todd wrote them down in order, and they became a poem. (Which he finally sent via e-mail just now.) There are a lot of inside jokes, and it doesn’t all make sense, but I still thought I’d share.

Cacophonous Giration

Begging woman sitting across from the
million peso wedding
ancient corn
Tortillas – waking up to them
Tortillas – a different taste
depending on where we were
The taxi drivers waiting
for us
to finish breakfast

The smell of the campo
The warmth of the speakers
and the silence of no children
in Mixtepec

Living in the mountain with
chickens, donkeys, animals
Carmen’s hugs
and watching fellow immigrants
working in the field
The hierarchy of women
that came to attend to Ben
The Grandmother

Alma, Alba
walking into Santo Domingo
Gold building
The history
The green house
filled with tomatoes
true humility

Collective laughter
after losing the game
Magdalena’s almond mole
Beautiful faces
The stars before we
got to the campo
the milky way
Courage and perseverance

Justino’s calming voice:
a bean sprout
inside a squash sprout
inside a corn sprout


Barefoot in the fields
the taste of berros
(herb we ate)
(thought you said perros!)
symphony of night sounds
and the early morning chorus
of goats and sheep
when I went
to the outhouse.

Two little bright eyes
waiting for me
to wake up.

Brass band
headache caused by
pollution in the city
treacherous curves

Sweet natural odors

Instant adaptation

Matt blushing
Mad flushing


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  1. bThKCe Thanks for good post

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